Fall that felt like summer - Embarkment 006

December 11, 2016

It's nice to go to San Clemente Island, where you know you're going to catch calico bass and have a good shot at some yellowtail on the iron too.  Matt Florentino, Randy Spizer and I made the sixty-plus mile run over to the East end of SCI to see what was up.  We spent the day fishing bass on the surface iron and swimbait over shallow boilers, eel grass flats and some isolated outside kelp.  We had a feeling there could be some yellows out at Desperation Reef so we cruised out to make some drops with the 25 Heavy yoyo iron.  It wasn't wide open by any means, but Randy managed to get a decent one.  We paid the price with a stiff 20MPH quartering wind almost the whole way home, but it was worth it; it always is.